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Viewing your images online

You will be given a web link via e-mail to enable you to view your proofs on the internet. You can send this link to your family and friends so they can view your photographs also. They may place orders from the on-line images. You must contact Elliott's Photography to place any orders.

If you have forgotten or lost your link you can use the following guide to find your images.

Enter the following information to access your images:

for weddings- brides last Name_grooms last Name_Photos


for families- last Name_Photos


for seniors- first Name_last Name_Photos


Note: you must type the first letter of the name as a capital as well as the word Photos

If you have problems please contact the studio

Your images are protected by address obscurity. The full address must be typed in manually or pasted into the address field, and is not available on any search engines.

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